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Use Ribtype rubber type for marking codes on cartons or products. Rubber type has ribs on the back which interlock with the ribbed mat on the coder. Type can be removed and replaced when you need to update the lot code or date code. There are several character sizes to choose from - type is measured by the imprint height of the character (not the width). Type has raised characters made of standard orange colored rubber with black ribbed rubber on the back. Rib width is standard and should fit on any coder with a ribbed mat.

  • FU76 Ribtype Number Set
  • Characters are 1/2″ high with 4 ribs on the back
  • Ribtype sets containing letters and numbers in this size are also available
  • Ribtype = Base-Lock = DiLok
  • Type is removable so that the next message can be inserted into the coder
  • Use to batch code or date code cartons
  • Ribtype set contains 4 quantity of 0 thru 9 plus special characters
  • Set contains 49 pieces of type: 1111 2222 3333 4444 5555 6666 7777 8888 9999 0000 . . , - - / / $ ¢
  • Use with roll coders, standard hand coders, extra wide hand coders or ribbed rubber stamps
  • Stock item
  • Item # FU76 – 1/2″ Ribtype Number Set

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