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Most imitated bag closer - get the real NP-7A sewing machine here! The Newlong NP-7A bag closer is a sturdy, portable machine for closing bags containing animal feeds, fertilizer, potatoes, grass seed, spices, chemicals, coal, pellets and coffee beans. The NP7A bag closer is also effective for making sand bags and construction / paint curtains. The Newlong NP-7A can be used to close paper bags of potatoes, woven poly bags of fertilizer and burlap bags of coffee beans. The NP-7A machine provides a single thread chain stitch closure - which means you can open the bag easily by pulling the thread.
  • Newlong NP-7A has a single thread chain stitch
  • Industrial sewing machine closes paper, woven poly or cloth bags
  • Oil pump lubrication system - just pump the plunger on the oiler
  • High speed; standard 110 volt sewing machine
  • NP-7A has a fixed stitch length of 3 stitches per inch
  • Tension can be adjusted for a tighter closure
  • Scissor style knives allow for automatic thread cutting
  • The NP-7A bag closer weighs just 12 lbs including an 8 oz cone of thread
  • Machine includes parts / instruction manual, 5 needles, screwdriver, 2 wrenches, oil & one 8 oz cone of thread
  • Use Spring Balancer and Hanger to suspend NP-7A from ceiling
  • Need a portable machine with a two-thread closure? See model NP-3II.
  • 8 oz thread cone fits right on the machine
  • Stock item
  • Model # NP-7A Bag Closer – Single Thread Machine

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