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Hanger. Use the hanger and spring balancer to hang the machine from the ceiling. Tool balancer and hanger supports the weight of the NP-7A bag closer so the operator doesn't have to. Use a chain to suspend the MW-6.5 spring balancer from the ceiling or rafters. Attach the looped end of the curved hanger to the MW-6.5 tool balancer. The hooked end of the hanger attaches to the bag closer underneath the handle. Pull machine down to a comfortable working height - the machine will stay at that height. The spring balancer is ideal if you are working and standing in one spot for long periods of time.

  • Hanger attaches underneath machine handle
  • The curve of the hanger keeps the bag closer hanging upright and positioned properly
  • Hanger can be used with the NP-7A bag closer and also the Fischbein bag closer
  • Use the hanger with the Newlong MW-6.5 spring balancer
  • Stock item
  • Item # 245271 Hanger

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