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45 degree Replacement Knife for the Diagraph SC-5 electronic stencil machine. This blade is about the size of the tip of an Xacto knife. The more stencils you cut, the more often you will need to replace the stencil knife. When stencil material is ragged rather than clean cut, it's time to replace the stencil blade. Make sure the stencil knife is at the correct depth for cutting. You should be cutting thru the stencil material only - not cutting into the rubber cutting strip. Having the stencil blade at the correct depth will make the stencil knife last longer.

  • 45 degree carbide blade is preferred for cutting vinyl sign material
  • 60 degree cutting blade is preferred for cutting stencil roll, Ultra-Cut, and Poly NT material
  • Replace blade as needed to ensure a clean stencil cut
  • Replacing a worn / marred cutting strip will also improve the stencil cut
  • Item # 7900-007 – 45 Degree Stencil Machine Blade

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