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Cut hundreds of stencils with a case of Diagraph stencil board roll. Each case contains 2 rolls of oilboard. Each stencil board roll is 20" wide and 100 feet long! That's a lot of stencils. The oil board roll is treated with linseed oil which helps the stencil to resist ink absorption. This helps keep the stencil from warping giving you a clear stenciled impression on your product.

Stencil Board Roll / Oilboard Roll - 20" x 100' x .010" thick. The stencil roll was created for use with the Diagraph SC-5 Electronic Stencil Machine. Oil board roll is ideal for cutting stencil characters of 1/4″ or larger. Traditional flat sheets of stencil board are a bit thicker than the stencil roll. Flat stencil board is 0.015" thick. Oilboard roll is a little thinner at 0.010" thick. This allows the product to be rolled for easier use with the SC-5 stencil machine. It also allows for the Xacto knife sized stencil cutter blade to cut the stencil more cleanly and easily.

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