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Thread Tension Assembly for Looper for the Newlong NP-3II Sewing Machine. The NP-3II bag closer features a two thread stitch which is often required when sewing thick geotextile landfill caps and liners. NP3II sewing machine can be used to make construction curtains and paint curtains. The NP-3II is also ideal for closing bags containing feed, seed, chemicals, & agricultural products when a 2-thread closure is needed.

Tracey Packaging has many Newlong NP-3II parts in stock and ready to ship. Tracey Packaging can service your machine - contact us at 1-800-639-5664.

  • Fits the NP-3II sewing machine only
  • Consists of tension post, tension discs, tension spring, tension nut and screw
  • You will need one 245081B tension assembly for the looper as well as one 245081C tension assembly for the needle – do not confuse the 2 items!
  • Stock item
  • Item # 245081B Tension Assembly for Looper

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