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619P Replacement Felt Pads for Garvey Price Marker. Garvey Supreme Price Marker is a self-inking band stamper with rotating bands. Band stamps can be used for marking prices, date codes or lot codes on products or cartons. Four different Garvey band stamps in stock: 2 different 5-band, a 6-band and a 7-band. See band layout to choose which character band set-up works best for you.

Self inking band stamp. Ink pad is located in the top of the stamper. Price marker head flips up to hit the ink pad, then rotates down to stamp the carton or product. Add ink to the ink pad as needed.

  • 12 felt pads per package
  • Felt pads are 1" x 1.5" x .25" thick
  • Replace the pad when it gets worn out or if you decide to use a different ink color
  • Felt pad fits Garvey price markers / band stamps
  • Replacement ink pads assemblies available
  • Use Garvey XC-36 Conditioner to remove unwanted price marks or to clean the marking bands
  • Stock item
  • Item # 38419 Garvey Felt Pad

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