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RIO Conditioner - Quart size. RIO Conditioner can be used as a thinner for any of the stencil inks manufactured by Diagraph. This includes R-1 stencil ink, Multi Purpose MP stencil ink (any color), GS-1 and GS-3 stencil ink. If stencil ink is too thick for your needs, it can be thinned out with RIO Conditioner. Use the same product for cleaning up. RIO Conditioner can also be applied to ink pads and stencil rollers to keep them from drying out.

  • RIO (Rol-It-On) Conditioner or thinner
  • Compatible with Diagraph stencil inks
  • Use on stencil rollers and ink pads to keep them from drying out – increases the life span of your rollers and pads
  • RIO Conditioner can be used to thin out stencil ink
  • Stock item. Sold in single quarts - no need to buy the whole case!
  • Ground shipping only!
  • Item # 0502-008 Stencil Ink Conditioner – Quart

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