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GB-25 Bagging Scale with 25″ spout circumference. Fully mechanical gross weigh bagger for packing free flowing, non-dusty product.

Set target weight with counter balance weights. Place empty bag on spout. Pull handle to release product into bag. Remove bag and repeat process.

  • Perfect for bagging corn, coal & pellets
  • GB-25 with 25″ spout circumference is the standard / most popular size spout
  • 4 to 6 (50 lb.) bags per minute
  • Plus / minus 4 oz. accuracy
  • 5 to 1 calibrated beam
  • Tare weight to zero out empty bag weight
  • Balance indicator
  • Full set of weights from 50 lb. to 115 lb. bags
  • Flow control
  • Quick release cam grip bag holders
  • Trigger trip screw for easy weight adjustment
  • Item # GB-25 Bagging Scale


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