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The Newlong CM4900-3 Infeed can be used to close bags with a crepe tape sewn bag top. When closing bags of sifting product such as flour, use the Newlong DS-9C sewing machine in conjunction with the CM4900-3 infeed. Use for closing bags containing sifting products such as flour, spices, fertilizer, grass seed and chemicals.

If you are bagging a variety of products, this sewing system can also be used without crepe tape for products such as dried beans, coal and wood pellets. 

Both the sewing machine and the infeed require mounting to a sewing pedestal.

  • Automatic infeed with bag trimming device
  • Versatile infeed for tape sewn or plain sewn bag closures
  • Handles 2″ crepe tape or 2.5″ crepe tape
  • Parts available
  • Not a stock item - please allow a few extra days for shipping
  • Item # CM4900-3 Infeed for Tape Sewn Closures


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