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Manual Stencil Cutter with 1/2″ high characters. Stencil machine provides a quick, easy & cost-effective way to mark products for shipment. Stencil the product itself or stencil crates and pallets for shipment. Easy to use – just insert stencil board and dial in the characters you need.

Stencil characters are always measured top to bottom. To determine which manual stencil machine you need measure the letter "T" from the top of the cross to the base of the character. Manual stencil cutters provide capital letters, numbers and punctuation.

  • Mark pallets, label the warehouse, or stencil shipping cartons
  • 1/2″ stencil machine kit includes sample stencil board and OneShot stencil roller
  • Manual stencil cutters seem to last forever - more than one customer has said they have a machine 40+ years old!
  • Non-stock item - add a couple extra days for delivery
  • Order stencil ink, stencil rollers, ink pads and stencil board here
  • Item # 0104-000K – 1/2″ Manual Stencil Machine

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