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Mark II Ink Pad - Uninked. The Mark 2 stamp pad is a double sided ink pad. The Mark II ink pad is housed in an air-tight plastic container with 2 hinged covers – one on top & one on the bottom. When one side of the pad begins to dry out, simply flip it over and the second side is ready for use.

  • Mark II stamp pad is dry - you must add your own ink
  • Mark 2 ink pad inking surface is 2.5″ x 4″
  • Double sided ink pad
  • The best pad available for any fast drying ink
  • Mark II products are available separately - Mark II Black Stamp Pad, Mark II Black Ink, Mark 2 White Ink, Mark II Reactivator (solvent) - or as the Mark II Kit.
  • Stock item
  • Item # Mark II Dry Pad

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