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Fully automatic bag stacker for filling two pallets with bags. Filled bags are brought to the top of the palletizer by a conveyor. Mechanized "fingers" arrange the bags on the pallet layer by layer - all without operator intervention! Two station palletizer stacks bags on one pallet. When that pallet is full, the bag stacker automatically begins filling the second pallet. First pallet is removed while the second pallet is being filled, allowing for uninterrupted production.

Stacked bags may be configured in a number of layouts depending upon bag size, product type and pallet size.

Our palletizing equipment was designed for the small to mid-sized company as an affordable bagging solution. The two station bag stacker is easy to operate and maintain, reduces labor costs and ensures a short return on investment.

This fully automatic bag stacker can accommodate a variety of bagged product such as fertilizer, feed, seed, flour, grain, coal or chemicals.

Custom built machinery. Call Tracey Packaging to discuss the details of your project. 1-800-639-5664.

  • Dual station bag stacker
  • Stacks multiple layers of bags
  • Includes conveyor
  • Palletizer can handle paper, poly or poly-woven bags
  • Small footprint - machine requires minimum space
  • Item # Bag Stacker - Dual Station

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