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#2 Slim Line Coder is a roll coder which mounts to your production line conveyor. The Slim Line Coder is used to mark expiration dates, lot codes or product information on cartons, cases or bags. This particular roll coder is 2" wide, which allows for a few rows of type (depending on the size type you require). Print area is 2″ high x 17″ long. The Slim Line Coder can be mounted to print on either the side or the top of carton. Coders are also available in 1" and 3" print widths. 

To create the product code, rubber Ribtype characters are inserted into the rings on the roll coder wheel. Codes can be changed by simply taking the old type out and replacing it with new characters for the new lot code. Rubber Ribtype characters are are inked with a foam ink roller cartridge. Lot code is applied to the carton as it passes the Slim Line Coder on the conveyor.

  • Left-Hand Kit
  • Use for lot coding or date coding on cartons
  • Insert rubber type on print wheel to create the message. Type can be changed as needed.
  • Includes Mounting Bracket
  • Use 1719-201 #2 Black XLM Ink Cartridge or 1717-802 un-inked foam cartridge
  • Re-ink with DL/XLM Roll Coder Ink for porous surfaces
  • Ribtype characters not included - many character sizes to choose from - from 1/8" to 15/16" high characters
  • Not a stock item - allow a few extra days for shipping
  • Item # 1780-215 #2 Slim Line Coder LH

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