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Invisible Ink for Marking on Skin - 4 oz. Got an event coming up where you need to know who has already paid admission? Many people don't want a visible mark on their hand letting friends and co-workers know where they have been. Invisible ink is the safe and easy answer!

6330 Invisible Ink is safe for marking hands for the purpose of admission to nightclubs, dances, sporting events, strip clubs, prisons or craft fairs. 6330 Invisible Ink can also be used on plastic for security purposes.

Invisible ink will wash off eventually. But if you are having two different paid events over a weekend, use a different rubber stamp for each day of the event.

  • 15 second dry time
  • Invisible ink makes a waterproof mark
  • Solvent – water and isopropyl alcohol
  • Use UV flashlight to detect invisible ink mark
  • Shows up as Blue under Ultra Violet light
  • 6330 Invisible Ink stays moist in the ink pad longer than most standard invisible inks
  • Apply invisible ink with rubber stamp and ink pad
  • 6330 Invisible ink is also stocked in pints. 6330 gallons are non-stock and ship directly from mfr.
  • Use 6744 invisible ink for marking on paper tickets, cardboard packaging or other porous surfaces
  • Stock item. UPS Ground shipping only!
  • Item # 6330 Invisible Ink 4 oz FI06330VZ4

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