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SC-5 Electronic Stencil Machine with UltraCut Roll. The SC-5 electronic stencil machine is a step up from the old manual stencil machines. The SC-5 stencil cutter allows for multiple line stencils - each line can be a different character size! If you need a really big stencil with extra large characters or an extra long stencil, the stencil machine can also cut the stencils in landscape direction. This stencil machine is a favorite with the military and also the concrete, steel, railroad and oil industries.

The SC-5 electronic stencil machine kit includes electronic stencil cutter, machine stand, 2 blades, StencilCad 10.0 Basic software, 2 rolls of UltraCut (each roll is 22.5" x 100' x .008" thick), Oneshot roller assembly & one black ink cartridge. Computer not included.

  • SC-5 produces characters and symbols 1/4″ high and larger
  • Cuts a variety of stencil media including oilboard roll, Ultra-Cut, Poly-NT, vinyl
  • USB connection plugs right in to your existing computer
  • 28″ wide cutting bed - maximum cutting width is 25"
  • Stencil-Cad 10.0 Basic Software includes stencil font & international symbols
  • Basic Software does not allow for logos
  • 500g down force
  • Swivel knife blade for precision cutting
  • Non-stock item - please allow a few extra days shipping time
  • Item # 7902-000 – SC-5 Electronic Stencil Machine with UltraCut

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