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Fully automatic bag stacker for filling a single pallet with bags. Filled bags are brought to the top of the palletizer by a conveyor. Mechanized "fingers" arrange the bags on the pallet layer by layer - all without operator intervention! Single station palletizer is capable of stacking bags up to 105" high. 3 additional pallets may be loaded underneath to minimize pallet change out times. Stacked bags may be configured in a number of layouts depending upon bag size, product and pallet size.

Our palletizing equipment was designed for the small to mid-sized company as an affordable bagging solution. The single station bag stacker is easy to operate and maintain; reduces labor costs; ensures a short return on investment.

This fully automatic bag stacker can accommodate a variety of bagged product such as fertilizer, feed, seed, flour, grain, coal or chemicals.

Custom built machinery. Call Tracey Packaging to discuss the details of your project. 1-800-639-5664.

  • Single station bag stacker
  • Stack bags up to 105" high
  • Includes conveyor
  • Palletizer can handle paper, poly or poly-woven bags
  • Small footprint - machine requires minimum space
  • Item # Bag Stacker - Single Station

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