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Pallet of Jumbo Cones - White Bag Closing Thread. 32 cases per pallet = 64 Jumbo cones = Approx 1280 lbs. Cones weigh approximately 17 – 20 lbs each. High quality, smooth running thread. Use Jumbo sewing thread with Newlong, Fischbein, Union Special or any other bag closer. 12/4 sewing thread had an oiled finish so it will run thru the bag closer smoothly. This bag closing thread is 100% polyester so there is less 'fluff' residue to clog up the bag closer than a poly-cotton blend. Polyester thread will also hold up better outdoors.

Called by many different names – Balls of thread, bag closing string, sewing twine, or spools of thread – these are actually cones and not spools (a spool has a straight core with a flange at the base). Use polyester thread to close sandbags, paper bags of potatoes, woven poly bags of fertilizer and burlap bags of coffee beans.

  • Approx 1280 lbs of thread per pallet - thread shipments weighing less than 1280 pounds will be billed at actual weight
  • $3.95 / lb + freight charges
  • Freight charge may appear high on website - you will be charged actual freight amount
  • 12/4 gauge polyester sewing thread with oiled finish
  • Approx 7,560 ft / lb
  • 15.0 breaking strength / tensile strength
  • Cones are approx 12″ high and 10″ diameter at the base
  • Because there is some variation in cone weights, Jumbo cones are sold by the pound
  • Label: THR-1200/04-092020 12/4 Polyester RS 40# AMCL WTP
  • Stock item
  • Item # 12/4 Jumbo – Pallet of 1280 lbs.

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