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An affordable bag closing system that can accommodate small size bags. This sewing system was designed specifically with the small bag in mind. This bag closer system will take a filled bag, trim the bag top, single fold the top and sew it closed. The bag closing system features the hardworking Newlong model NP-7A to sew the bag closed. Bags move thru the machine on the attached conveyor. After exiting the machine, bags can be packed by hand into shipping cartons or conveyed further to a packing station.

Because the system folds the bag top before sewing, there is no need for a crepe tape closure. This bag closing system is perfect for fine or sifting product such as flour, pancake mix, spices, grass seed or chemicals.

See a short video clip of the machine in action.

  • Trims bag top, makes a single fold and sews bag closed
  • Bag closing system will accommodate 3" wide bags (approx 1 lb) and up to 16" bag width
  • Hand crank height adjustment
  • Separate height adjustment for sewing head and conveyor
  • 4' attached conveyor
  • Bag closing system requires 110 v power as well as air supply
  • Includes Newlong NP-7A bag closer
  • Air thread pusher for automatic cut-off
  • Approx 6 week lead time for delivery
  • Ships from Syracuse, NY
  • Item # Bag Closing System - Small Bags

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