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Fully automatic bagger features a net weighing system where product is weighed and then discharged into the bag. This open mouth automatic bagging system will pick up an empty bag, open the bag, fill it to the desired weight, reform the bag top and seal the bag - all without operator intervention!

Our automatic bagging equipment was designed for the small to mid-sized company as an affordable bagging solution. The auto bagger is easy to operate and maintain; reduces labor costs; ensures a short return on investment.

This fully automatic bagger can accommodate a variety of free-flowing product such as fertilizer, feed, seed, flour, grain, coal or chemicals.

See a short video clip of the machine in action.

Custom built machinery. Call Tracey Packaging to discuss the details of your project. 1-800-639-5664.

  • Net Weigh bagging system - weighs the product then discharges product when bag is ready
  • Open mouth bagger
  • Rice Lake 920i indicator
  • Produces eight - twelve 50 lb bags of granulated product per minute depending upon product flow
  • Automatic bagger can handle paper, poly or poly-woven bags
  • Depending on bag type, bags can be sewn closed or heat sealed
  • Small footprint - machine requires minimum space
  • Optional stainless steel scale
  • Optional stainless steel wash down construction
  • Item # Auto Bagger - Net Weigh System

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