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Tracey Packaging: The Early Years

Tracey Packaging, Inc. was born in 1989 to Brian Tracey. The company was originally a service center for packaging machinery of all sorts, and Brian was the ‘jack-of-all-trades.’ In 1991, he met Lori Ross and she started helping out part-time at the company doing the thing he hated (and still hates) the most: Paperwork. They got married and started adopting German Shepherds.

In Lori’s previous life, she earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from SUNY Oswego. This was followed by a Master of Fine Arts degree from Indiana State University in Terre Haute, IN. This background made her the perfect candidate for selling bag closers and parts for Tracey Packaging. And so directly after the infamous Labor Day Storm of 1998 in Syracuse, NY, Lori joined Tracey Packaging full-time. Maybe that was a sign.

Over the years, the company expanded to become a distributor of marking products as well as packaging machinery. A machine shop was added and Brian started dreaming up packaging machinery to fit the customers’ specific needs.

Double Team

One frequently asked question is: How do Lori and Brian work together every day and stay married for 20+ years? The answer: In 2010, the company split in two: the manufacturing portion became Ross Metal Products, Inc. and the distribution side became Tracey Packaging, Inc. Lori currently owns and operates Tracey Packaging while Brian owns and runs Ross Metal Products. There is some overlapping of services between the two companies, which translates to ‘we can get the customer what they need.’

Both companies are located in the same building. When you call the office, please speak loudly. Sometimes the machine shop creates a lot of noise. Other times, the rescue dogs have come to work for the day. German Shepherds also create a lot of noise.

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