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Product Review: Model T-7 Automatic Bagger

by Lori Ross

RMP’s Model T-7 Automatic Bagger is designed to be an affordable packaging system for the small to mid-size company. It has undergone several re-designs and upgrades since the initial builds, and now boasts a smaller footprint that will easily fit any floorplan.

automatic bagger

Click on photo to see video.

This fully automatic open mouth bagger will pneumatically pick up an empty bag, open the bag, fill it to the desired weight, reform the bag top, and then close the bag – all without operator intervention!

  • Bags may be Paper, Poly or Poly-Woven
  • Depending on the bag type and product, bags can be closed with either a sewn or heat sealed closure

The standard fully automatic bagger is designed for gross-weigh applications (weighing the bag as you fill). Free-flowing product can be gravity, vibratory pan, belt, or auger fed to the bagger’s hopper. Product can be moved at up to five 50 lb bags per minute.

We currently have machines installed in the following industries:

  • Feed ingredients
  • Rubber pellets
  • Chemicals

As an upgrade option, RMP now offers a fully automatic net-weigh bagger (pre-weighing and then discharging product into the bag). Filling speeds are faster with capabilities of up to twenty 50 lb bags per minute.

Take a quick look at inner workings of the machine. The video was taken in-house before delivery of the machine to the customer, so no actual product is shown. See video.

The Model T-7 Automatic Bagger is manufactured in Syracuse, NY by RMP, Inc. (Ross Metal Products, Inc.). Tracey Packaging is a distributor for this machine.

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